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Hello and Happy November! This is a month of thankfulness and my tradition is to always do a 30 days of Thankfulness challenge. Each day I post onto Social Media one thing I’m thankful for this year. This helps me remember that regardless of what else may be happening, or has happened, I am always so blessed. Even in the darkest of times there is light, we only need to turn towards it. Aristotle one said “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

So in this first blog of the month I’m called to discuss transitions. Just like Summer cools into Autumn and then onto Winter, there are seasons of life, and business, as well. We can either choose to fight them or flow with them. Which do you think is easier? The fight is typically an attempt to control the situation or the outcome, whereas the flow is about adapting to the changes in life. When we have a past that was unpredictable or rooted in trauma, our attempt is to control everything to avoid the discomfort of the unknown. Our attempts to protect ourselves from the sensations of the past prevent us from healing and living fully in the moment, as well as enjoying the flow of life. The fight also often leads to more anger, frustration and hurt, due to the fact that change is inevitable. In this season of holiday preparation, moving into the New Year and whatever other changes you may be encountering I invite you to make a conscious effort to flow with the changes, rather than putting-your-dukes-up and fighting it.

How do I flow with changes, you may ask? And that’s an excellent question. The first thing to do is be aware. Aware of the changes that are occurring and, most importantly, aware of the sensations in your body about those changes. Awareness of your thoughts and emotions are also very important. Awareness is the key to healing and changing. One way to increase your awareness to begin your morning by setting an intention such as “I am open to what the day will bring my way.” Or “I am aware of my sensations, emotions and thoughts.” By setting an intention early in the day you may find it popping back in your head randomly as you go about your normal routine, encouraging you to stop and check in on your awareness level in that moment. Another helpful tool to build awareness at the start of your day is to take 2-7 minutes to engage in a body scan. Feeling into the various parts of your body and connecting with your body sensations first thing in the morning with the intention to continue to connect to your body throughout the day. Checking  in at the end of the day and journal about the day’s events also supports building awareness by gaining insight of situations after the fact.

One more thing that I encourage individuals practicing awareness to do is set alarms on their phone, 3-5 times a day, to ground and check into their bodies. Again, the goal is to increase awareness and to create a new pattern of being aware, which will support your ability to understand what may happen when your body becomes activated by transitions. Once we’re aware of what our bodies are doing then we can work on healing.

With all of this discussion on transition there are a few changes coming to Bella Rosa in the next couple of months I’d like to share with all of you. First is the transition of one of our therapists, Rachel Santos. Rachel will be moving onto a new and exciting therapy opportunity. It is important for new therapists to explore a variety of therapy settings, populations of clientele and supervisors to continue to build their skills and support their evolution as a therapist. That is exactly what Rachel will be doing beginning in December and although she will be deeply missed at Bella Rosa we wish her luck in this new endeavor.

The second transition that will be made effective January 2020 is that Bella Rosa will no longer be contracted with any insurance companies as an In-Network provider. What this means to any current or new clients is that you will be responsible for the cost of your service at the time the service is rendered. We will continue to accept Cash, Check, Health Saving Account (HSA) or Credit card payments for services. *Please note a 5% processing fee will continue to be added to any credit card payments. At your request we can provide you with a Super Bill at the end of each month to submit to you insurance company, should you have out-of-network benefits available as part of your insurance benefits. My encouragement to each of you is to contact your insurance company to determine if your current, or upcoming, policy includes any out-of-network benefits. Feel free to contact me, or your current provider, to answer any additional questions you may have in regards to fees for services or out-of-network benefits. We look forward to continue to support you on your growth journey in 2020. Happy Holidays!

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